The positive aspects of Covid-19 at Colibri Scientific

Having the words “positive” and “Covid-19” is something that we have all learned to dread over the last few months.

However, with this year proving to be challenging, in so many aspects, we need to remember and celebrate our successes during this time.

It is so easy to refer to colleagues as a Team but what does that actually mean? Perhaps, having the same line manager or performing the same job? A quick Google gives the definition of “A group of individuals who come together to achieve a common goal”. The issue this year is that no one has quite known what that goal is. We quickly had to adapt to working from home. We quickly had to modify processes to maintain compliance. We learned that when working on-site in bubbles, everything just takes that little bit longer. A new day, a new challenge.

Through all that, the Colibri team have worked tirelessly (not quite round the clock but, at times, getting very close) to ensure that they never missed a deadline and delivered the same quality standard that our clients have come to expect.

As Managing Director of Colibri, I am immensely proud of how the team has come together in their discrete locations to kick that ball straight into the top corner of the elusive goal.

Huge congratulations to everyone at Colibri in achieving difficult targets and let it be on record that in 2021, we party!

Merry Christmas and good health to all our clients and associates that we have had the pleasure of working with through 2020.