Flexible Transport Pouch, P650

SKU: CSC-0201



150 x 235 mm; Apeture: 150 mm, 160 x 235 mm; Apeture: 150 mm

Pack Size


Flexible pressure transport pouch, compliant with UN3373 P650 packing regulations, to be used as secondary packaging. The pouches are leak-proof and capable of withstanding an internal pressure differential of 95kPa.   They are suitable to hold a range of primary containers including blood collection tubes, cryovials and tissue pots.

Dimensions 150 x 235 (mm), Aperture 150 (mm)


  • 95kPa certified.
  • Leak-proof.
  • Document wallet on the reverse side.
  • Clearly labelled with sealing instructions.
  • Sender / recipient writing areas.
  • Temperature check boxes.
  • Tamper evident seal providing security.
  • P650 compliant.

Transport pouches should be used in conjunction with a suitable absorbent pad or pouch.  Colibri Scientific stock pads suitable for shipping sample volumes of 15, 25, 50 and 150 mL and pouches which contain single or multiple blood collection tubes.

For a complete UN3373 compliant pack, the Flexible Transport Pouch can be supplied with a rigid outer box and absorbent pad.

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