Strategic relationship formed

Company update

August 23, 2021

We are very excited to announce that we have been selected by Avacta Life Sciences to enter a strategic relationship for the provision of global sample management services to support Avacta’s clinical development portfolio.

We are delighted to be working with Avacta Life Sciences, Therapeutics Division and are very much looking forward to a successful partnership.

Colibri Scientific Client update

Client update

July 30, 2021

Client update. Further to our letter on 18th May 21, informing you that Colibri will be relocating, we would like to update you on some more details.

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Update on Colibri Scientific move

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May 13, 2021

The Hummingbird is the result of a competition we ran on our LinkedIn page asking to name our up-and-coming newsletter. Its aim is to keep you informed on our ever-evolving and growing business and keep you up to date with any exciting updates we have to share! The Hummingbird is the place to find out more about us as well as current industry hot topics. Make sure you subscribe and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter so you don’t miss out on anything!

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The Hummingbird, Colibri Scientific Newsletter.

Lab Automation Virtual Event

Lab Automation Virtual Event

May 12, 2021

Join me at Laboratory Automation 2021


I invite you to attend the 5th Annual Laboratory Automation Virtual Event, an online-only virtual event occurring on May 19, 2021.

The Laboratory Automation 2021 Virtual Conference will provide the opportunity to further the discussion of the advantages made regarding instrumentation and methodologies used to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of research in the lab. The Laboratory Automation committee has carefully planned and selected world-renowned keynote and featured speakers that will cover various research areas.

This year’s event includes the following topics:

  • Microfluidic Technologies Enabling Automation
  • High Throughput Biology
    • Antibody Discovery
  • LIMS and Regulatory Compliance

I am excited to be among the group of academics and industry leaders presenting this year. I invite you to attend to learn more about LIMS management of the Clinical Sample Life Cycle in a Regulatory Environment. This presentation describes how the integration of a LIMS system can simplify your clinical sample workflows and ensure GLPC compliance.

Register today for free to discover the subtopics for each track and to get access to the exhibit hall and educational presentations delivered by academic and industry leaders. Following each presentation, participants have the ability to earn free continuing education credits. Don’t miss this networking opportunity that gives you the chance to share ideas and solutions with colleagues from all over the world.

Looking forward to seeing you there!



Sue Keeler

Managing Director, Colibri Scientific

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Exploring risks affecting clinical sample quality

May 7, 2021


Biology aside, opinion on vital factors for the success of a clinical trial depends on the ‘hat’ worn by the person asked.

When asked the most important considerations, the trial sponsor will have such aspects as patient safety, clinical endpoints, patient recruitment, compliance, cost and timings, high up on their priority list. These are, of course, all vitally important, however, rarely is sample quality considered at all or, at the very least, will be found low down the list. Asking a laboratory analyst the same question is likely to generate a much more sample-centric response, highlighting such things as consistent processing methodologies between sites, accurate sample labelling and documentation and good quality samples.

To read more and for access to the full Whitepaper, please click the below link:

Exploring risks affecting clinical sample quality

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The positive aspects of Covid-19 at Colibri Scientific

December 18, 2020

Having the words “positive” and “Covid-19” is something that we have all learned to dread over the last few months.

However, with this year proving to be challenging, in so many aspects, we need to remember and celebrate our successes during this time.

It is so easy to refer to colleagues as a Team but what does that actually mean? Perhaps, having the same line manager or performing the same job? A quick Google gives the definition of “A group of individuals who come together to achieve a common goal”. The issue this year is that no one has quite known what that goal is. We quickly had to adapt to working from home. We quickly had to modify processes to maintain compliance. We learned that when working on-site in bubbles, everything just takes that little bit longer. A new day, a new challenge.

Through all that, the Colibri team have worked tirelessly (not quite round the clock but, at times, getting very close) to ensure that they never missed a deadline and delivered the same quality standard that our clients have come to expect.

As Managing Director of Colibri, I am immensely proud of how the team has come together in their discrete locations to kick that ball straight into the top corner of the elusive goal.

Huge congratulations to everyone at Colibri in achieving difficult targets and let it be on record that in 2021, we party!

Merry Christmas and good health to all our clients and associates that we have had the pleasure of working with through 2020.

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