Clear sample labels are vital in ensuring sample integrity, not to mention preventing eye strain for the scientists who will ultimately analyse the contents.

Our sample labels are designed for long-term cryo-preservation under cryogenic laboratory conditions and have been tested under a variety of conditions including liquid helium, liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen, -80°C freezers and dry ice transportation.

Our extremely high-quality labels:

labelling service cryogenic icon

Are resistant to extreme cryogenic conditions – as low as -269°C.

labelling service zero cure time icon

Require zero cure time, can be immersed in liquid nitrogen immediately following application.

labelling service wet surfaces icon

Adhere to wet & moist surfaces.

labelling service spray resistant icon

Are resistant to spraying and swabbing with alcohol and surface sanitising wipes.

labelling service permanent adhesion icon

Have permanent adhesion, especially on curved surfaces (vials, microtubes, etc.)

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