Lab technician performing bioanalysis management at Colibri Scientific

Comprehensive Bioanalysis Management for Clinical Trials

Outsourcing through Colibri Scientific allows the client true end-to-end sample operations.

Bioanalysis of both pharmacokinetic and biomarker samples requires scientific oversight, not simply conventional ‘vendor management’.

We have many years of expertise in this area and manage method development and trial sample analysis through our partner laboratories. Colibri will contract directly with our pre-qualified laboratories. This model offers significant benefits to clients, such as:

Vendor Management Reduction

Reduction in vendor management burden for the client (sponsor or CRO). It is not unusual to have 3 or more labs processing different biomarkers in a single trial.

Expert Oversight

Not all Sponsors, particularly Biotech companies have the in-house expertise to effectively oversee the analysis.

Single Point of Contact

Single point of contact from lab manual creation to analysis report.

Of course, we can work with your own choice of laboratory if preferred.

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